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The Anti-Feminist Internet Targets 'Depression Quest' Game Creator Zoe Quinn


Where do I begin on this piece of shit? Oh yeah, Zoe Quinn is only a small part of this. The reason this shit is so terrible, is that it’s the answer to the burning question that we’ve all had for awhile. Which is, how the fuck do all these social justice types get away with murder in the gaming community? How is it, that the mainstream media only gets a skewed version of these stories?

The answer is, the gaming media is just as corrupt as the regular media if not moreso. What this Zoe Quinn scandal is pointing to, is a vast network of people who are friends in the larger gaming community. Game developers, journalists, critics, etc. Which on it’s own isn’t wrong.

It’s normal to network and make friends with influential people. But there’s a point where you need to draw a clear line between these friendships and your job as a professional. Gaming should not be political, and your reporting of whether or not a game is good, should not be based on whether on not you like the developer’s political views.

I don’t know how I can make that any clearer. This writer accused the “anti-feminist media” of trying to muddy the name of Zoey Quinn and of fabricating a conspiracy of sorts. It’s not insane to believe that people who all know each other gave a leg up to folks they like.

You can argue that Nathan Greyson didn’t give her a leg up and all that other shit, but we know the connections she has. We have screenshots of it. It’s obvious that this woman had help getting her game up on steam. There are screenshots of people like Anita Sarkessian giving her the thumbs up on twitter. 

Then there’s the active move to sweep this under the rug like it never happened. Networking among these people is a fucking fact, and it’s not unreasonable to believe that the social justice types are protecting each other and boosting each other up to gain influence. People do that shit all the time.

That fucks over actual women in gaming, The critics, the journalists, and developers that are good at their jobs, and who got to where they are on merit. They are fucking things up for everyone with their stupid high school style cliques, instead of focusing on what’s important. 

If you want the best evidence that we have supporting this, look at the suppression of this story. Look at how the media is minimizing this to an act of slut shaming. Watch them say that this is us trying to punish Zoe for being sexually liberated.

If you are making the argument that this is about body choices, then you have already lost. Go to her ex-boyfriend’s blog where he has screenshots of this dialog, read how he talks about this. She was emotionally abusive to him. What about him? Since when, did it become alright to argue that treating people like this is okay just because it’s your choice. 

It’s her choice, but it’s an immoral choice. It’s an abusive choice. One that you can not defend. If you make that argument then you are just as bad. The outrage is coming from the fact, that people are actively trying to silence reasonable criticism.

Not only that, but the media that is coming out, is making this all about the sex aspect and playing down the important things. They are playing down the fact that real gamers no longer have control of the gaming media. It’s been taken over by social justice ideologues, and that shit needs to stop.

The people involved in this cute little clique need to be held accountable. If you want to make a social justice opinion based gaming news site, then do that. Don’t muddy the waters with this bullshit. We need responsible unbiased journalism. 

Which is why I’m encouraging every last one of you to boycott the video game media involved in this, until they sort their shit out. Let them see that downward spike in their traffic where it drops several thousand hits. Hurt their wallets. Ignore their bullshit and support responsible video game journalists that have never let you down. 

You have a voice. Let it be heard! Don’t dox. Doxxing is what they want and makes them look like victims. 


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